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2010 NB Hospital Home Lottery Grand Prize
2010 NB Hospital Home Lottery Grand Prize

The absolutely stunning NB Hospital Home Lottery House for 2010 was constructed by AE McKay Builders. The grand prize show home is located at 170 Anchorage Ave. at Cedar Point in Millidgeville and is valued at $750,000. AE McKay Builders was responsible for the project management, construction, and interior finishes of this amazing show home.

Watch the video below to view some of the fine features and craftsmanship that goes into an A.E. McKay Builders Home:

Builders 'impossible' project gets national attention - Telegraph Journal

Posted on December 23, 2010 

QUISPAMSIS - Perched on the top of a hill overlooking a snow-swept Kennebecasis River sits a grand brick home with peaks that point high in the sky.

It's the type of work A.E. McKay Builders is known for, and the reason the company was recently named a finalist in the 2010 Canadian Home Builders' Association National SAM Awards.

Andrew McKay, who owns the company with his wife Cathy, said the nomination was based on the 2,327 square-foot home he and his team built on Anchorage Avenue - the top prize in the city's third annual Hospital Home Lottery.

A Moncton man was given the keys to the $750,000 grand prize home last week.

But six months ago, the luxurious home didn't exist. In July, A.E. McKay Builders was given eight weeks to build it from the ground up, McKay said.

"We were asked at a late time frame to take this project on and they gave us eight weeks to do it, which was really impossible," said McKay, seated at his dining room table in Quispamsis. "We devoted most of our team to that project. It was really probably a five-month house and we had eight weeks to do it from starting from initial excavation to landscaped, paved, decorated, cleaned, everything. We did it in seven and a half weeks."

The company is one of five finalists in the single detached home over 2,200 square feet awards category.

The recognition is especially gratifying because of the nature of the project, McKay said.

"It was pretty crazy," he said. "We worked many nights and weekends. We were told by many people we couldn't do it, and that just helped motivate us."

The show home, located at 170 Anchorage Ave. at Cedar Point in Millidgeville, has pre-stained western cedar siding and timber accents and is made from about 75 per cent renewable resources. It features views of both the Kennebecasis and St. John rivers.

Design and decor came from Linwood Custom Homes, McKay said, adding that he also gave input on the final look and feel of the project.

"We wanted it to be something really different and unique that you don't see every day," he said.

"That was their whole goal, to do something that wasn't the same as every house you see on the street and something with the two-storey grand family room and living area."

He said the house was a "complicated build" because of its design, but said he was determined to keep the value of the work high despite the pressure of a tight deadline.

"To do it and finish it as nice as it was finished, to do something not everyone can do and to bring a product not everyone has seen.the big thing for us was to do it with our quality in seven and a half weeks. That was the big challenge."

When the challenge was met, McKay said it was "hugely gratifying."

And in a home that's seen more than 10,000 people walk through its doors on tours, McKay said he knew it had to be perfect.

"On one hand it's a bit nerve wracking wondering what people will say or think about it but on another hand we know we built it well so it's been great advertising," he said. "It's extremely gratifying to build something that's one of the top five in the country. We never expected it."

Before launching their business, McKay said he and Cathy would purchase and fix up apartment buildings locally.

"Seven years ago we decided we wanted to go this route and get into the residential side of it and knew there was a need for a high-end quality product and thought we would go for it and we're now doing a lot," McKay said.

A.E. McKay Builders is a residential, custom home builder that focuses on the $300,000 to $1 million market from Grand Bay-Westfield to Sussex, McKay said.

"For me it's just building a legacy," he said.

"I enjoy driving down the street and seeing our homes. We never have two the same and many times we have people tell us they can drive through a subdivision and pick our homes out and that's very gratifying."

Just like the Anchorage home, McKay said the satisfaction for him comes from seeing something built from scratch.

"What makes me tick is just to build really beautiful products," he said.

"I'm very fussy with the product and it's so neat to see something from a bare piece of ground to a beautiful home completely finished."

The awards will be handed out at the Canadian Home Builders' Association's national conference Feb. 27 in Banff, Alta.

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